Back to Running. For Now.

Six weeks ago, a dear friend and 49-time marathoner was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Since then, his group of loyal running partners (of which I am a member) has decided to push him in a running stroller for his 50th marathon in May. Sadly, we had all planned to meet at this race to run with him for his 50th before this devastating illness. I wasn’t planning to do the entire race, however; my goal was to run with him for the final 15K and celebrate with him as he crossed the finish line. But that plan has tragically changed.

So instead of ramping down my running mileage in the spring to begin hiking more as I had originally intended, I find myself needing to get back to “normal” training miles in preparation for this event in mid-May. I’m not complaining, mind you. With some fine-tuning, I have a marathon in me, and given that my friend can no longer run, I feel extraordinarily blessed today to call myself a runner. And I will still manage some day hiking on the AT (with an overnight thrown in here and there) this spring. But my time/energy/financial focus on transitioning to backpacking/hiking is now on hold until at least June.

I’ll officially be back to marathon training beginning March 1st. With browser tabs perpetually open to various outfitters, trail journals and hiking blogs/websites…



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