For That Price, I Couldn’t Say No

A few weeks back, I blathered on about finally picking out the pack I was going to buy. And in choosing said pack (Osprey Kestrel 48), I convinced myself that I could use it as an occasional daypack too, if the need arose. I made up my mind that I didn’t need a separate pack for quick hikes; a simple cinching of compression straps would do the trick, ignoring the fact that it would be pretty ridiculous to attempt to strap down a lunch, rain jacket, camera and a few odds and ends into a pack designed to let me hide in the woods for several days.

Then I received an email from online shopping monolith Amazon. And they had last year’s Kestrel 28 on sale. For $88ish. And I happened to have a $38 balance remaining on a gift card I got for Christmas. With the sale price and my gift card balance, I could grab this smaller unit, shipped for free, for $50 and change. A technical daypack that lists for $140 for a mere fifty bucks.

Like I said, I couldn’t say no, even though I had convinced myself that I didn’t really need a daypack. So I grabbed one.


And now that I have this gem, I can plainly see that trying to use a multi-day pack as a day pack would have been pretty silly. It also, no doubt, would have made me the target of some behind-the-hand snickering as I wound my way through the woods on the AT (or any other trail, for that matter) with my sadly underfed Kestrel 48. In fact, I will be hard-pressed to fill even this little pack to capacity for a day hike, and will need to cinch it down to keep my typical meager load in place.

So I’m grateful for impossible-to-pass-up sales. I learned another valuable lesson in my ongoing quest to become a backpacker. And saved myself some hassle and embarrassment to boot…


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