Sales Will Be the Death of Me

A few weeks back, I posted at length about how I had convinced myself to go with a hiking staff instead of trekking poles. Well, guess what? The poles I had been considering went on sale for 35% off, and the place that has them was kind enough to dump that information into my email inbox. Given that the pair ended up being barely $20 above the price of the single staff I have on my BEL (Basic Equipment List), I bit.

Sales. The great and terrible mind-changer. *Sigh* An unbeatable sale price encouraged me to purchase a daypack recently too, when I had originally planned to buy a 48-liter pack and just compress it down for shorter excursions. The daypack grab turned out to be a better option for me than the cinch-down method, which was made apparent the day I pulled it from the box and realized that I would be hard-pressed to fill even its 28-liter confines for day hikes.

In the spirit of convincing myself that I’ve made the right choice on the poles, I’m already imagining uses for the extra stick. For one, I can still use them one at a time as staffs if I so desire. Nothing lost there. I also have a couple of friends interested in some non-technical short hikes (think carriage trails in Acadia National Park), which would allow me to have a staff and share one with a friend. And the primary draw of the hiking staff I had settled on, threading for mounting a camera, can be added with a simple adapter made for trekking poles.

And who knows? While I can’t imagine myself wanting both hands tied up with a trekking pole, I may find that I prefer to hike that way. At least now I’ll have the option to find out. And at 35% off!


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