They Said “Buy the Maps!”, So I Did

AT Maps

Of course, this “they” of whom I speak is pretty much everyone who has ever gone into the wilderness to hike. Maps are one of the famed “10 Essentials”, so I spent the $27.95 gladly, as I don’t want to be mistaken for a backpacking newbie (in spite of the fact that I am). And I love the fact that the map is divided into seven sections. I’m not an ounce-counter (yet), but appreciate only having to carry one section on my day/overnight AT excursions.

Pulling out/poring over Map 3, I found that the Leeman Brook Lean-to is a short three mile jaunt northbound from the Monson trailhead. That sounds like the perfect first hike on the AT to me, with the added cachet of its location falling within the Hundred Mile Wilderness. And I’m thinking Saturday May 7th will be the perfect day, given favorable weather (I have no wish for my first AT experience to be conducted in a raging downpour). That gives me about ten days to gather up the remainder of my 10 Essentials and get ready to hike…

Smart Aleck Question of the Day: How many miles should I complete before officially declaring myself a section hiker? Will three be enough? 😉


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