The Empor…uh, Hiker’s New Clothes

The final two pieces of my day hiking gear arrived on Monday.

Shirt. Check. Pants. Check. With the Ex Officio socks my loving daughter got me for my birthday, I’m equipped!

Hiking Clothes

Now I need to have a permethrin party. I have the spray. I just need to apply it to everything I’ll be wearing except the socks. Those came ready to reject pests. Eventually I’ll send my apparel to Insect Shield and have it professionally treated so that the bugproofness (there’s a fun “word”) will last for the life of the garment instead of the six washings and/or six weeks the do-it-yourself treatment gets me. But for now, I’m going to pollute my garage with the toxic waste that is Sawyer’s, with the crossing-my-fingers hope of going out to the AT on Saturday morning for a quick hike, temporary sciatic nerve issue and weather permitting.

I wonder what a hazmat suit costs…


“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” – John Muir



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