A Journal Of My Own

Last Tuesday I wrapped up another vicarious thru hike when a couple trail-named “Subman and Suds” completed their northbound journey with a morning ascent up Katahdin. I followed their trials and triumphs from the time they departed Springer until they stood spread-eagled atop the ubiquitous sign that marked the end of their 2,189 mile “walk” six months-and-change later.

I’ve read several journals like theirs on places like Trail Journals, and many more thinly disguised as books and selling on Amazon. Each one, in its own way, has inspired me as I continue to build the knowledge and experience required to call myself an AT section hiker. I’ve even chewed through a handful of PCT and CDT books too, in hopes of gleaning some practical and philosophical tidbits that will enhance my own backpacking endeavors.

One thing I’ve noticed in all the books and journals I’ve read is how important the act of journaling itself was to these everyday intrepid explorers, their daily thoughts and photos evolving into a diary of their adventure. And so I was tossing around the idea of starting a journal of my own on the Trail Journals website (many section hikers do) when it dawned on me that I already have a journal.

This blog.

Granted, not as many people will see my rambling posts here as might stumble across them on a better-traveled site like TJ, but if the primary goal is to recall the transition to and ultimate ownership of the title of AT section hiker, this humble little online journal is more than up to the task. Besides, I’m sure the good IT folks at Trail Journals don’t want my slowly growing entry clogging up their servers for the ten or twelve years I’m expecting to take to finish my section hike.

So welcome to my journal. Which someday might be haphazardly edited and put up in Amazon’s Kindle Store for $3.99…


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