Quick Hits, Volume 1

If you’re here expecting an audio file of me singing a read-through of “Walden Pond” to a banjo accompaniment, I apologize…not that kind of hits.

Instead, it’s short jabs, random thoughts regarding things that will occupy my mind and time until I kick my AT section hiking aspirations back into gear next spring:

  1. I’m looking to take both a wilderness first aid and map reading course over the winter. Philip Werner over at SectionHiker.com gave me valuable input on some places to take them. Thanks, Philip.
  2. I continue to look for the perfect pack, and lots of stuff will hit the market after the first of the year. Early on I gushed about the Kestrel 48 which, in retrospect, might be a bit small for my needs (though it’s no doubt a great pack…still love my Kestrel 28). I’m not going all-in until I see the new stuff, but I definitely need to come up with a multi-day pack by April ’17. Waiting to see the new Granite Gear…gear, and still interested in a ULA Circuit.
  3. The thought of screwing the snow baskets onto my Black Diamond trekking poles makes me want to sob.
  4. Considering going with low-cut hiking boots next year. The biggest negative I hear is that by offering lower leg support, they can lead to weak ankles. Given that I’m a trail and field runner during my non-hiking hours, that isn’t an issue for me. My ankles take some pretty nasty rollovers and keep running. But my experience with rocks and roots on the AT this year lead me to believe that a low-cut, lightweight boot would be beneficial to me. As long as I keep running those fields and trails, of course.
  5. In spite of my previously spoken aversion to doing so, I might try some winter hiking in more serene (translation: easy) environments like the carriage trails at Acadia National Park. Then again, I might not. Stay tuned.
  6. There will be hot chocolate. Lots of hot chocolate. Current favorite: Salted Caramel.


That’s all the hits for now. Thanks for tuning in…


2 thoughts on “Quick Hits, Volume 1

  1. sindrealmost December 15, 2016 / 7:06 am

    If you’re still looking for a large backpack I can recommend Fjällräven Kajka, they are slightly heavy but the reward is sturdy quality and good features. There is a 65L (~18 gallons) and a 100L (~26 gallons) model. I have the latter and use it on all my multi-day hikes.


    • kddolley December 15, 2016 / 7:10 am

      Thanks! I am still looking. Appreciate the tip! I’ll check them out…


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