No Celebration Here

It’s National Take A Hike Day. I’m not sure who decided to slap this important event smack in the middle of pre-winter November, but there it is. Being transportation-free and all, I’m afraid I won’t get to partake of the festivities today unless I want to try another weighted practice hike from home. Given that I was treated like a homeless person on the last one, I’m thinking I’ll pass. In lieu of a hike, I’m posting a photo from an earlier day trip so that I can at least feel all hikerish. Hikerly. Hikerhood. You know.

A quiet morning in July, two miles south of the Monson trailhead on the Appalachian Trail

Still, it’s a “holiday” worth celebrating, even if it means slapping on three layers of clothing and a fuzzy hat to get it done.

So get it done. I’ll be with you in spirit.

Carpe hikem…


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