You Can Hear Me Now. I Hope.

On October 20th I posted regarding considering a switch of cell phone/carrier to increase my coverage while hiking in the woods. I noted that, from what I’ve read, Verizon has the best chance of giving the hiker service out on the Appalachian Trail.

Jump ahead a month.

A week ago we switched to Verizon. “Best coverage on the AT” mission accomplished. As a bonus, I am afforded the opportunity of trying the new Google Pixel. I’ve always wanted to own a “pure” Android phone, and other than the custom app launcher, the Pixel is one such device. So far it’s a great phone. As a bonus bonus, it fits perfectly in the hip belt pockets of my trusty Kestrel 28. My beloved Note 4 did not.

Locally I’ve noted a marked improvement in coverage. I’m anxious to head over to Monson to check its AT value. Don’t know when that will happen. With snow already on the trail and me not equipped for winter hiking, it might have to wait until spring. But I won’t have to wait until spring to try it elsewhere on the Trail. I’m heading to Virginia for Christmas, and will be less than an hour from the Daleville crossing. So I’ll get to step foot on the AT for a mile or two, and at least check coverage in those parts.

For sale: One mint condition Samsung Galaxy Note 4, locked to AT&T…


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