No Stove? Glad I’m Not The Only One

It is well known among my immediate family that I’m one of the world’s least picky eaters. To me, food is fuel. Not to say there aren’t lots of foods I enjoy *cough* cake *cough*, but in many circumstances I’m content to simply fill the hole at mealtimes. I’m the type that has kept and eaten a wrong meal brought to me at a restaurant rather than wait for my actual order to be made and served. And done so without complaint. And left  a decent tip for the server, too.

So it goes without saying that I’ve struggled with the concept of bringing a stove with me when I begin to do 3-10 day backpacking trips. I’m convinced that I could eat anything and be satisfied for that duration. Granted, if I was spending 4-6 months on a trail I might change my mind (more for that first cup of morning coffee than for food), but for a short jaunt up/down a trail I could easily survive without one.

Problem is, I’ve yet to find anyone else who thinks like that. I’m sure they exist; I just haven’t found any. The pro-stove people’s (entirely valid) argument is that while roughing it on the trail, a few creature comforts make the experience more palatable.

I can see that. Still…

I’m currently finishing up “Becoming Odyssa”, the (first) thru-hike memoir of AT phenom Jennifer Pharr Davis. And I was so happy to note that, after a brief foray into trail cooking, she abandoned her stove and went straight-from-the-pack. Yes!

On my first extended trip on the AT I’ll be sure to keep a sharp eye out for like-minded cold food eaters…


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