The Way

The other night I was cruising around Netflix (translation: I was bored) and stumbled upon “The Way”, a fictional account of a man’s trek down El Camino de Santiago as a tribute to his son, who had died on the trail during a freak storm on his first day. I enjoyed the movie, and can recommend it to both the hiker and cinephile. But as is the case with me and anything backpacking related, it kicked off a bunch of research and a book purchase, namely Keith Foskett’s “The Journey in Between”. I’ve read and enjoyed his books on the AT and PCT, and am looking forward to this one.

And, I’m pleased to say, I also pored over some maps and began exploring the different routes to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral while wondering about the practical logistics of completing the pilgrimage…

I’m now daydreaming about international adventures, and I’ve barely trod upon the trails here. But adding this trek to my list of aspirational hikes can’t hurt, can it?


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