Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

With the threat of more snow (this IS April, right? Right?) on the horizon, I decided to take a quick practice hike to my favorite local woods trail to see if it was passable without the snowshoes that I refuse to buy. It was, sort of. I mean, after a long winter buried under an endless (and deep!) white landscape, this looked like a groomed trail to me:


Thanks to a few melt/refreeze cycles, I only sunk in a few inches here and there, but the sub-layer of twisted ice formed by the boots of others who had come before me created perpetual opportunities for ankle wrenching. Though I had to pick my way through, it was definitely a morale boost to spend several precious minutes on my favorite running trail wearing what I consider to be acceptable footwear (translation: no skis or snowshoes) and carrying my beloved Osprey Kestrel 28 burdened with the now-typical 22 pounds.


I’m tempted to say that I was only able to cover a mile and a half in the woods but, after a seemingly infinite winter, I’m choosing to be more positive than that and say, with enthusiasm…

I got to hike a mile and a half in the woods!


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