I Reverted. For One Day

My previous two posts displayed, in photographic detail, the gradual onset of spring as it dropped onto my favorite local running (and now hiking) trail. This week I had planned to hike and shoot part three, which would show the snow completely gone from both the approach road and the vast majority of the woods track.

But my scheduled hiking day also featured the running of the 121st Boston Marathon.

All marathon runners know and appreciate the history of Boston whether or not they’ve actually run it. We’re all familiar with the story of Kathrine Switzer, the pioneer who snuck into the field as “K.V. Switzer” and literally battled her way to the finish line as the first woman to officially conquer the famed point-to-point course. The name John A. “Johnny” Kelley, finisher of 61 Bostons, is revered among marathoners. Personally, I cruised the last ten miles of the 2000 edition with a dear friend (RIP “Rocket”) running his first of ten Boston Marathons, was heartbroken and made anxious by the bombings in 2013 (I knew six people running the race that day), and bounced up and down on my stool and choked back tears at the local Buffalo Wild Wings the following April as Meb Keflezighi conquered a talented group to become the first American to win Boston in over thirty years.

Boston Strong.

So on the day I had planned to do my third and final hike in the “Buzz off, snow!” series, this former marathoner ran instead. I did manage to run on the woods trail, and it would have been interesting to photograph the stark difference in snow/ice cover from last week to this, but Monday needed to be about honoring my departed friend “Rocket” and those lost and injured in ’13, and about reliving the emotional triumph of watching Meb turn onto Boylston and race towards history.


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