So Long, Weight

No, this isn’t a post about healthy eating and exercise. It’s actually about books, oddly enough. When I was looking for ballast with which to fill my Kestrel 28 for practice hiking over the winter, I settled on two giant textbooks and my tent. Those items, along with a pair of 24oz bottles of water gave me a solid twenty or so pounds of weight, and both filled and balanced the bag nicely.


But moving companies charge by the pound, and paying for a truck to transport a pair of essentially useless-to-me books 900 miles seems a bit silly. Besides, now that I’m escaping this winter wonderland I’m hoping to do much more actual in-the-woods hiking and much less on-the-road practice trips. So I’m sacrificing these two tomes on the altar of a yard sale over the weekend. Maybe someone will find a use for them for fifty cents each.

Or two for a dollar…


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