Indoor Camping?

At the end of the month I’ll be moving to Virginia. For a handful of reasons that won’t be spelled out here, I’ll be taking up temporary residence for a few weeks in a family member’s empty apartment. Ever the minimalist, I’ve decided to use my sleeping bag as my bed. Which means that I need to (finally!) order the sleeping pad I’ve been eyeing since March as a buffer between me and the floor.

The only question now is, do I set up the inner portion of my tent to get used to the confining nature of a one person shelter? I mean, I’ve pitched it indoors before, albeit temporarily:


Of course, I’d much rather see it in a more natural habitat:


But I’m not sure the property management company at the apartment complex would be too thrilled about having a tent pitched on the lawn next to the building that houses the fitness room and movie theater.

They do have a lazy river that runs into the swimming pool. That would probably be a better spot…


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