The Return of Squiggly Sticks

When I announced to friends and family that I was moving to Virginia and looking forward to hiking the hundreds of miles of trails in this state, many of them had the same initial reaction: venomous snakes! Having lived eleven years in Missouri and run on various trails, I’m no stranger to the occasional copperhead. I may even have encountered a timber rattler or two; I blasted past several diamond-patterned slithery serpents without stopping to identify their type.

But during the decades I lived in Maine, I only recall seeing three snakes. And there are no venomous ones native to the frozen tundra there. So I’ve grown complacent over the last six years, knowing that any “squiggly stick” I encounter is overwhelmingly likely to be just that.

The other morning I was out for a run in my new home state and, in the early morning light, approached a squiggly stick in the middle of a quiet street. At first I wasn’t concerned, then I remembered where I was and slowed. As I grew nearer, I was able to identify the critter stretched out on the asphalt in front of me: It was a squiggly stick. Relieved, I booted it to the grass and kept on running.

It was an important reminder that I’m back in the land of venom-totin’ pit vipers. And not every squiggly stick I encounter will be one, especially when I strap on a pack and head to the lush greenery of the Virginia woods…



2 thoughts on “The Return of Squiggly Sticks

  1. HikingWoman July 10, 2017 / 12:20 pm

    You won’t run into many snakes. There are rattlers up in Shenandoah area and copperheads. But it is rare to see them. Usually you’ll see the black snake/rat snake and be just fine. đŸ™‚ Welcome to Virginia. It is an amazing place to hike.


    • kddolley July 10, 2017 / 12:25 pm

      That’s what I figured. I did a lot of trail running in Missouri, and other than jumping over the rare copperhead, I found that I mostly saw the aforementioned black snakes. I almost stepped on one of those one time. That will teach me to daydream while running!

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting out on the AT near Daleville soon. Hiked up Sharp Top with my daughter on Saturday. It was a nice view!


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