Gear Shopping, Vicariously

Before I even get started, let me state for the record that I am not a (physical) shopper. I see little to no point in wasting the time it takes to drive from place to place, seek out decent parking and meander around from aisle to aisle searching for that one thing that may or may not exist, and/or lead to a purchase. I’ve often joked that I can do an entire mall in twenty minutes, four of which are spent in line to buy a coffee. As a runner, I could probably shave a couple minutes off my time on slow traffic days.

The internet age has been a revelation to me and my personal shopping expectations because, I sincerely believe, all shopping should be done at 5:00AM in shorts and a well-worn t-shirt while drinking that aforementioned coffee. Key the item you’re looking for into a search engine, click on a link or two, and compare/contrast away.

Moving on…

Having said that, I’m actually looking forward to helping my son-in-law pick out some gear. He used to hike back in his high school years (he’s a geriatric twenty-three now), but his gear has all disappeared. For his birthday he got a few hundred dollars in cash and a gift certificate to our local outfitter, as well as a new pair of Merrells from his wife. He’s fairly unaware of the staggering array of possibilities that await him, and I’m more than happy to share my zillions of hours of fanatical research with him. I tend to get excited, so I hope he’s prepared to run headlong into a verbal buzzsaw.

First up? A new daypack…



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