One For the Sharks

As I’ve begun accumulating gear I’ve stumbled into a problem: Where to effectively store all my stuff. For now, while living in someone else’s house, I’ve had to be content with jamming and cramming it wherever it will fit. But long term, I’d like to find a nice, tidy storage solution.

As I often do, I’ve bounced from site to online site seeking that perfect-for-me gear locker. So far, I’m unimpressed with what I’ve found. They either flat out won’t work, or the price is, well, prohibitive. There are, admittedly, some acceptable choices out there, but no perfect ones. Which leads me to my next thought…

Maybe I should design one.

Lately, in a fit of evening boredom, I’ve been sucking up copious episodes of Shark Tank, the eight-season hit where budding entrepreneurs stand in front of a panel of five gazillionaires and try to land a financing deal. In fact, it’s so stuck in my brain that last night I actually dreamed about creating a hiker’s gear locker and pitching it to a group of rich people.

I know. Get a life. I’m working on that…

Far sillier things have been created in the history of mankind that turned into multi-million dollar products (are you old enough to remember pet rocks? Mood rings? Or, more recently, Snuggies?) That might be all the impetus I need to create the next great gear locker specific to the needs of hikers/backpackers.

Unless it already exists. If it does, I need one. Soon.


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