Overlooking Moosehead Lake outside Greenville, ME. Still ice on the water in mid-April, of course… (April 2016)

moosehead lake


Two miles south of the Monson trailhead on the AT. (July 2016)



A spur-of-the-moment hike into the woods during Christmas week. Appalachian Trail, Daleville, Virginia (December 2017)


Nice day for a weighted practice hike in the woods near Hermon, Maine. (April 2017)



View from the summit of Sharp Top Mountain, Virginia. (July 2017)

Landscape View


Southbound on the AT out of Daleville, Virginia around three miles into the hike. (July 2017)



Thunder Ridge Overlook, at a spot where the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail (nearly) intersect. (August 2017)



The James River on a cool, foggy March morning. AT, south of Big Island, VA (March 2018)

James in Fog